Lucky Pet Maine Coon cat sitting with its head tilted

Lucky Pet Sardines are back on shelf!








Lucky Pet, the only pure fish brand in SA has finally returned.
Your kitty knows its delicious. You know it’s nutritious.
Now everyone’s grinning like a Cheshire.



Lucky Pet product details 1

Rich in vitamins


Lucky Pet product details 2

100% Natural Sardines

Lucky Pet product details 3

No Preservatives

Lucky Pet product details 4

No Additives

Lucky Pet product details 5

Grain Free

Lucky Pet product details 6

High in OMEGA-3 fatty acids

About Lucky Pet



Lucky Pet is made from the purest ingredients, providing cats with a nutritionally complementary diet,
guaranteed to keep them healthy and happy. The top-quality fish that go into Lucky Pet products are caught
via the method of purse seining by trawlers operating close to the shoreline to ensure optimal freshness
and minimal damage during the journey back to the shores.


Lucky Star markets the Lucky Pet canned cat food to all major wholesale
and retail chains within South Africa.


With the wholesome taste of pure fish, it is the healthy choice that is guaranteed
to keep your cat purring with delight.


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