Cat Facts

We all know cats are amazing creatures, full of quirky habits that keep us entertained and baffled at the best of times. Here are some interesting facts about cats that you may not have known.

Your cat doesn’t think of himself as a small human. Rather, he thinks of you as a large cat.

Your cat’s IQ is only surpassed by that of monkeys and chimps in the world of animals. It’s about time they got schooled about the nutritional benefits of Lucky Pet pure fish! On second thought, it might be difficult because it’s suitable only for cats.

Is your cat frightened? Put your hand over her eyes and forehead or let her bury her head in your armpit. A bowl of Lucky Pet pure fish can make her feel better too.

Your cat has rudimentary non-functional collar bones that allow it to squeeze itself through tight spaces and helps to maintain balance and stride. Especially when it tries to reach for a can of Lucky Pet pure fish under the sofa.

Cats have been domesticated for only half as long as dogs.

The most expensive cat was a Californian Spangled Cat. It was bought for $24,000 (R230,667) in January 1987. The moral of the story? To feed your cat Lucky Pet pure fish could be the smartest investment yet.

A cat takes 20 to 40 breaths per minute.

Feel stressed? Stroke your cat to calm your nerves. It works.

There is a reason why cats act superior. It’s because they have more bones than humans: a cat has approximately 240 while a human has 206. All the more reason to feed them calcium-rich Lucky Pet.

A cat is able to gauge your mood. A change in your mood might result in a change in your cat’s mood too.

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Let's face it, there's always something new you can learn about your little fuzzy bundle of joy.


Here are some interesting facts about cats that you may not have known.