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The Peke Face Persian, a spontaneous mutation of the Red Persian, is named for its resemblance of a Pekingese dog (also commonly referred to as a ‘Lion Dog’). Controversy surrounds the breed, which tends to have skin problems and because its facial features – deformities some say – contribute to eating and breathing difficulties. Some breeders have pushed experiments with the breed so far that cats’ faces have a piggy look.

The Peke Face has a Persian’s long coat, but has long legs and a long body. Most differences between it and other Persians relate to the head. The head is square rather than round; the jaw long, narrow, and very undershot. The Peke Face’s snub nose, set back in furrowed muzzle, is so short that it is practically nonexistent; narrow nostrils are level with the eyes. Breathing through such a nose is hard work at the best of times, and almost impossible if the cat has a cold. Generally calm, it usually gets along well with other cats. Its thick, silky fur, with red or red tabby colouring, requires daily grooming.