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Make sure your cat is mellow and relaxed. A play session with her will do the trick. Brush her to remove any loose hair. Also place some cotton in her ears to keep the water out.

Put rubber bath mat in the sink where you’ll be bathing your cat so she doesn’t slip. Fill with four inches of lukewarm water. Use a hand-held spray, hose or pitcher to thoroughly get her wet. Do not spray directly in her ears, eyes and nose. If you don’t have a spray hose, a plastic pitcher works great.

Gently massage with a solution of one part cat shampoo to five parts water, working from head to tail. Through all of this, avoid your cat’s face, ears and eyes.

Your little bathing beauty deserves endless praise – and her favourite treat – after all this! And with such a happy ending, next time she may find that bath time isn’t so bad.