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Attention cat lovers and Lucky Pet loyalists,

Please note that both our dry and wet food variants are being gradually discontinued. We know that cats can be fussy eaters, so chat to your vet about ways to best alternative foods for your kitty.

We can however recommend that you try migrating your kitty onto Lucky Star Pure Minced Pilchards. While the Minced Pilchards is produced strictly for human consumption only, we believe your kitty will love the taste and flavour of our Lucky Star Pilchards, no matter how fussy the tastebuds. While our products will still be available at selected outlets we will not be resupplying. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope your kitty will love the taste of new Lucky Star as an addition to their diet.

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About Lucky Pet Products

Cats are carnivores and need high levels of proteins in their diet. Fish-based proteins contain all the essential amino acids that cats need to stay healthy (including amino acid taurine, which is an essential nutrient for your cat), as well as supporting a lean body and muscle tone. Fish protein is of a high biological value and is broken down into its constituent amino acids. The stronger flavour & aroma of fish-based cat food will entice your cat to eat! A well formulated pet food is one that possesses an adequate amount of proteins, nutrients and fatty acids. The most important goal is to provide your cat with food that appeals to him and is also nutritious. Lucky Pet is all these things to your cat!